The travelers can explore many exciting attractions, activities as well as excursion in their Mekong delta tours 2 days. In particular, the fans of nature can have a chance to enjoy the bicycle tours along the rice fields and lush orchards through the local village. Furthermore, visiting this huge delta, the tourists can try many special flavors of fresh fruits and take part in many other activities. So what to do in a Mekong delta tours 2 days?

Floating markets

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The vibrant floating markets are the outstanding and special point of the Mekong delta. Once reaching the delta, visitors should visit one of the floating markets on the motorized boat to witness the daily activities of the local people as exchange goods, fruits as well as other commodities on vessels. The markets often start very early at 3 AM morning, and this is the time that the busy vibe and noisy atmosphere appear. The sellers in these floating markets often suspend a sample of their product on a top of a pole in order that the customers can easily notice and realize the goods. The variety of things from dried fruit, fresh fruits to animals sold in Mekong Delta will certainly make any travelers satisfied. In recent years, the travelers can enjoy a cup of coffee, tea or fruit juice on the “floating coffee shops”. Some local specialties as Hu Tieu, Banh Canh, Xoi or Bun Ca are also available on the ships. It can be the wonderful chance for both native and non-native travelers to chat and learn more about the lives local people and enjoy the hostility of people there.

The famous floating markets in Mekong Delta are Cai Rang floating market, Cai Be floating market, Tra On floating market, Nga Nam floating market and Nga Bay floating market. It is such a pity that tourists ignore the floating boards on their Mekong delta tours 2 days.

A cruise to the local gardens with fresh fruit

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Mekong delta is famous for not only the rice paddies but also the huge gardens with various tropical fruit. The land is favored with the pleasant climate and the natural conditions, so the fruit seasons seem to last all year round, which makes Mekong delta as the ideal destination for both domestic people and foreigners. Visiting these fruit gardens, tourists can listen to the stories about the crop as well as their daily life stories while picking up some fruits themselves for eating. The famous fruit orchards in Mekong delta are Cai Be Orchard – Tien Giang, Phong Dien and My Khanh Orchard – Can Tho, Cai Mon Orchard – Ben Tre. The trip to the fruit gardens not only helps travelers to broaden knowledge but also support the economy and bring great honor to the local’s effort.

Take local boat trip and stop for Southern folk songs

One of the best way to see the beauty and uniqueness of Mekong Delta is to travel by a boat cruise on the waterway. Mekong delta is famous for the complex system of channels and the life around the Mekong Delta is colorful, so travelers should go on a river cruise to enjoy the wonderful water world in their Mekong delta tours 2 days. The travelers can sit on the boat and feast their eyes on the beautiful sights of the rice paddies, lush orchards and many coconut trees near the peaceful stilt houses. Furthermore, they can immerse themselves through the immense delta to discover the bustling colors of floating markets or undergo the traditional lifestyles or even take a glimpse at rural village of Vietnam.

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The long trip roaming around the river relishing fruits and visiting the floating markets can be more exceptional by the traditional Southern folk songs and performances –  “Đờn Ca Tài Tử”. This is one special kind of musical ate of the South, the lyrics of the songs reflect the lifestyle of the South people earning their living on the land and along the Mekong river. Through the songs, the Southerners want to express their emotion, inner feelings, generosity, industriousness, and courage their own. The travelers can unwind themselves after wallowing the sound of the music, at the same time enjoy a cup of tea or fruit refreshments, which can treat themselves with something novel and incredible.

Suggested tours for Mekong delta tours 2 days

There are many options to travel to Mekong delta in 2 days. The visitors can choose tours depending on their purpose and personal taste. For those who want to travel to many destinations, the tours from Ho Chi Minh City – Ben Tre – Mytho – Tien Giang – Can Tho – Ho Chi Minh can be the best choice to experience the local villages with rural people and take some pictures about the exotic fisherman’s port with the iconic stilt houses. Or the Mekong delta tours in 2 days which exit to Phnom Penh with the tour route: Ho Chi Minh city – Cai Be – Chau Doc – Phnom Penh is wonderful. Visitors can join the daily life activities of people under the guidance of local host and see the Mekong delta stunning landscape. In these tours, the visitors can have a go through the floating market, travel by boat on the rivers along the fruit gardens and calm down with the traditional music.

Other attractive destinations after Mekong Delta tour

On the other hand, for people who love beaches and want to relax under the sunshine, the Mekong delta tours 2 days can turn into the 2 days tour to Phu Quoc to enjoy the fresh seafood in peace as well as discover some history of this land in the war.

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Phu Quoc is one of the must-see places on a Mekong delta tours 2 days. Located in Kien Giang province, with the charming beauty of white beaches, Phu Quoc definitely satisfies every tourist stepping on. The long beaches with soft sand, lines and lines of coconut palms under the yellow sunlight and above the crystal water, Phu Quoc is stunning and attractive. During the trip to Phu Quoc, besides lying under natural lights near the pretty beaches, travelers should set their foot on the fish sauce factories and explore the daily activities of the local people. Having a watch over the dusk at Long Beach, exploring the diverse world under the water by diving or snorkeling or going to the coconut tree prison to once again observe the historical proof of the Vietnam war will be the incredible memory for the travelers. In addition, the visitors should relish the fresh seafood and specialties such as herring salad, sea urchins or ocean crab.

In short, Phu Quoc should be the first choice on a relaxing cruise to find the peace of mind and soul. The white sand beaches, the intact natural environment, the fresh food, nice weather and especially the modest and friendliness of local people has turned an isolated islands into a new paradise in Vietnam. 2 days is the perfect time for enjoying the peace here as well as gain experience living with local people. The most suitable time to visit the beautiful island is from October to June with the high sky and deep blue sea.

Mekong delta 2 days can be the perfect choice to escape from the bustling city. 2 days is enough for both the local people and foreigners to deep into the deep blue river, green trees, pure water and luxuriant fruit gardens. The west of Vietnam always brings people the feel of comfort and relaxing and a lot of special things to do. It is said that “it’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times”, this saying is totally true with the Mekong delta. No word can show the beauty of nature and people here, so come and get it!


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    I have an intensive tour group planning to visit around Mekong region and more specifically we are eager to see the whole process of Rice production ( planting, drying, milling machines, etc… ) and we also want to see the fruits and vegetable plantation sites with the packing procedures at a house or workshop,fruit dryer. I know that musk melon is very popular there. So we are very interesting to see the way how they are sent to the international market.

    My idea is that we will see all those places and want to have a local farmer briefing or explaining about his farms and yields at his place. Then question and answer section will be followed for 20 min. I don’t know much about the geography of Vietnam but it should be somehow like 5N/6D tour including filed visits ( rice, fruits, flowers ) and briefing activities and private visit to packing places for fruits, drying and milling places for rice and so on. After visiting to all these places, shall we just relax at the beach? I also know that you have a very beautiful beach at Phu Quoc.

    This is my plan to make up something very technical agriculture tour. If you think you can organize such group tour, I will bring at least 300 for one season.So please consider and calculate about your possibilities and kindly get me back soon. It would be great to have it as soon as possible so I can present at the farmer union in my country. I was highly recommended by my friends from US and that’s why I contact you. Please update me. Thanks for your time.
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