The Northern Vietnam mountainous area in recent years is always the hotspot of Vietnamese tourism and it also has no intention to reduce its heat. So, what makes this area appeal too many tourists traveling there? The answer lies in its pristine beauty of the landscape and culture there.

This land is the northern mountainous area of Vietnam where there are many kinds of attractions such as cascading rice terrace, waterfall, pass, etc and various unique cultures of Vietnamese minority tribes there. Now, let’s discover the hidden beauty of mountain destinations in North Vietnam with the native guides from the Travel Sense Asia.

Northern mountain Vietnam

Wallowing in the superb view from the rice terrace fields

Rice terrace field is a popular kind of field in the mountainous area of Vietnam. Visiting cascading rice terrace, tourists are surprised at the beauty of rice terrace fields depending on the viewpoints. 

From the footage of this field, tourists can observe the vastness of “rice stairs” following another to the sky as the paradise ladders; nevertheless, when reaching the top of this field, you will have chance to oversee the striking view of nearly terrace fields and the paddies surrounding it, all of them are sparkling and magnificent under the sunshine. 

Moreover, visiting those terrace fields once is never enough to sightsee their whole beauty. In each period time of a year, the cascading rice terrace changes the colors from green to yellow in and conversed. Each time you will not only view the different beauty of the field but also explore the cultural values in farming experiences of the tribes there. 

If you are attracted to the magic beauty of the rice terrace field, why not travel to the Hoang Su Phi field (Ha Giang), Muong Hoa field (Sapa),… to have real experience.

Enjoying the breath-taking beauty of huge waterfalls

Waterfalls exist across the S-shaped country and in each area there are different kinds of waterfall. However, the waterfalls in the northern mountainous area of Vietnam always own the most unique shape along with their immerse size. 

We can list some typical names of unique waterfalls there: Ban Gioc waterfall – the 4th largest fall in the world, Silver waterfall, Tac Tinh (Love carving) waterfall, etc. Each of them there has different shapes: which looks like white silk flying among the green of the surrounding mountains while which is similar to a flow of white blossoming flowers of Northwest forests, etc. 

Additionally, when going to see these waterfalls, you will be also told the thrilling story, legends behind their charm from the native people. They can be a love story relating the waterfall’s name or  legends about the origin of the waterwall, etc.

Northern mountain Vietnam waterfall

Exploring the striking mountains

Mountain makes up ¼ area of the S-shaped country; the scenery surrounding the mountains in each zone of Vietnam is diverse depending on the regional climate and their height.

The mountains in the Northern mountainous area of Vietnam are known as the highest mountains in the nation such as Mount Fansipan – the roof of Indochina with a height of 3,143m above the sea level. With this height, you will feel flying among the clouds on the top of this mountain. 

Besides, they are well-known for the distinctive topography and superb landscape; Dong Van Karst Geopark is a typical evidence with the picturesque limestone landscape as the Halong Bay in the highland and recognized by UNESCO as a 7th member of UNESCO Geopark Network; when visiting there, tourists can observe the magic of mother nature with the rock gardens and rock forest. 

Moreover, the other mountains in West North of Vietnam like Tay Tien, Moc Chau highlands are promised to make you wow when reaching there. 

Getting lost in the cultural atmosphere of the hill tribe market

The trip to the North mountainous zones of Vietnam will not be complete if tourists don’t go shopping in Vietnamese Northwest tribe markets. Tourists can be accustomed to visiting the local market but not the tribe market. 

All of Vietnam tribe markets just open in particular days such as the weekend, the 1st day and the full moon day of a month and are covered with the colorfulness of brocades and the native’s clothes there. Although these markets are not big, they gather many trading kinds: farming products, souvenirs and food, and beverages.

 Visiting these traditional markets, you will have opportunities to not only buy souvenirs for their relatives but also enjoying the famous local foods with unique taste Imagine that you will call on a tribe market in the winter day; you will enjoy a hot tasty bowl of Thang Co made from the horse’s stomach to feel the special taste of this soup as well as heat for the soup of this dish flowing little by little to your stomach; that is an interesting experience in the cold days.

Moreover, you can come across ethnic peoples: Black Dao, La Chi, Nung, H’mong, etc in the tribe markets and observe the love fair where the native boys and girls catch their future soulmates to understand their lifestyles and their culture. Some tribe markets you can visit are the Bac Ha market (Lao Cai province), Dong Van market (Ha Giang province), etc.

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Northern mountain Vietnam market

Experiencing the diversity of the native culture

Not only does your trip to the Northwest of Vietnam just sightsee the landscape there but you also find out the native culture there. Northwest Vietnam is known as the home of approximately 15 ethnic groups; each tribe possesses the specific characteristics in their culture.

These features can be tangible; shown in the differences in the traditional clothes of the natives, the kinds of accommodation the tribes there lived in or the musical instruments. For instance, when visiting there, you can distinguish the red H’mong from the Black H’mong through their costumes; the red H’mong often the red brocaded clothes; whereas, the black H’mong clothes are often black.

Besides, the diversity of culture also exists in intangible things such as the languages, the customs of each tribe applying in daily life as well as the traditional festivals. Call on a native family there, you will have impressive experiences about the exotic customs when living with the native there.

Northern mountain Vietnam ethnic

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Learning the Vietnamese historic stories behind the mountainous battlefield

It is believed that nowhere in the world there are as many specific battlefields as Vietnam; the war didn’t stop in the plain, it happened in the mountains covered the green of forest trees with the hard topography. It seems unbelievable but in fact, many mountains help the Vietnamese to wrest their country’s freedom from the invaders. 

Visit Tay Tien battlefield, Dien Bien Phu battlefield, etc and you will not only see the imposing scene but also sightsee the harshness of mountains there and have chance to give back to the Vietnamese wartime through observing pieces of evidence depicting difficult physical conditions Vietnamese having lived with as well as the drawbacks the war had caused.


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