Nha Trang Tours

Nha Trang – a coastal city in south central coast if Vietnam which is nominated as one of the most beautiful bay in the world. Tours to Nha Trang are connected with its international airport or from domestic airports in Vietnam. If you like spend your leisure time or beach sport activities , Nha Trang won’t make you regret.

  • Duration: 9 days
  • Price from: $609 USD

Your vacation will be really wonderful when you take a boat in the Mekong river, come to Cai Be floating colorful market, see the lifestyle of the local or come to Sa Dec town that is like a little “Venice”of Vietnam with numerous narrow canals. You will disembark at the localmarket place for a guided visit of this charming town, walking alongits narrow streets where beautiful French old houses and Chinese templesdating from the last century are numerous. Visit at an ancient housedating from 1890, home of Ong. Huyen Thuy Le, the “Lover” of MargueriteDuras famous novelis. Beside that, visiting Cao Dai holy and Cu Chitunnels which is the longest Tunnels was recognized by Asian record andwas a Viet Cong base during the war and know more about Vietnam’sreligion culture and Vietnam’s histories. Moreover,moving to Phu Quoc islandwhere was called " pearl island of Vietnam" that is peaceful and quietwith the historical, the old roof moss, the beautiful landscapes thatnature brings to us.

  • Duration: 4 days
  • Price from: $456 USD

Nha Trang was called Pearl of the Orient is the famous place to enjoy your vacation. Looking from high, Nha Trang beach was curved like a crescent silver embrace turquoise Bay. There is called the neverland in Vietnam because their beauty natural. Beside that, you will be attracted by the first sight when you visit this beautiful city. Your trip will be more interesting with coming to Cau Da for a visit the Vietnam Oceanographic Institute that is the meeting place of two ocean currents warm – cold and have many coral reefs and the symbiotic organisms, especially fish species and colorful shapes. After that, you will go to Long Son Pagoda, Chong Promontory Rocks and the Po Nagar Temples that is the special place in Nha Trang. Hence, Nha Trang tour will be the peaceful time you have in your vacation. Let’s travel and save all your great experiences with Travel Sense Asia.

  • Duration: 9 days
  • Price from: $1,249 USD

Which place you choose for your honeymoon? A long trip in the honeymoon period will mark a good starting in your life. This tour, you will be have sweet time together. This trip Vietnam honeymoon Sun and Sea, you have chance to discover the Vietnam Southern. It’s so mysterly when visiting to Cao dai holy that is the third largest religion in Vietnam and visiting Cu Chi tunnels which is the longest Tunnels was recognized by Asian record and was a Viet Cong base, you’ll know more about history and the religion os Vietnam. Beside that, taking a boat to Cai Be floating colorful market,cruising among local barges full of fruits and vegetables and the sweet singing of the girls on the Southwest waterfront will be attract and gives you great feeling about the land and the people here. Morever,enjoy great time in the beaches of Nha Trang that that has white sand, long beach.This honeymoon time, you will feel the life rhythm more slowed, the beatas breathing of natural. Let Travel Sense Asia support you this Vietnam Honeymoon Sun and Sea 9 days and wish you would have the best special memories in your life.