• Duration: 11 days

Destinations: Hanoi icon-16 Halong icon-16Danang icon-16Hoi An icon-16Ho Chi Minh city icon-16 Can Tho icon-16 Ho chi Minh city

Family Tour in Vietnam 11 Days 10 Nights

Destinations: Hanoi icon-16 Ninh Binh icon-16 Halong Bay icon-16 Hoi An icon-16 Ho Chi Minh City icon-16 Mekong delta icon-16 Phu Quoc

What is your dream vacation like? A relaxing experience among tranquil nature of stunning mountain and crystal clear sea? Or a luxurious holiday at sumptuous hotels and top service? This package can bring you BOTH. Your tour will be out-of-this-world with splendid scenery from Trang An Caves to endless paddy fields in the Mekong Delta, completed by the utmost comfortable accommodations.

Destinations: Hanoi icon-16Halong icon-16 Danang icon-16 Hoi An icon-16 Ho Chi Minh City icon-16 Mekong Delta icon-16 Siem Reap

Your adventure in Indochina will be such an unforgettable memory if you enjoy this tour, Classic Vietnam & Cambodia. Starting in Vietnam, you will experience different cultures, different lifestyles, different traditional foods and so on, from the North to the South of Vietnam. With various activities like trekking in Sapa, discovering Vietnamese history in Cu Chi, farming in Tra Que, floating on Mekong river,…, Vietnam will be always in your heart. It does not stop when you step to Cambodia to be overwhelmed with the amazing Angkor kingdom. And the lifestyle of floating charming village in Chong Khneas gives you a happy ending. Here we go!

  • Duration: 1 day

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  • Duration: 6 days
  • Price from: $309 USD

Destinations: Sai Gon icon-16  Cao Dai, Cu Chi icon-16 Mekong Delta, Can Tho 

Essential south package 6 days will be really wonderful when you discover the most bustling city in Vietnam. Visit Cu Chi tunnels – the historical place as well as some famous temple in the South. Move to the Mekong Delta to see amazing tributaries hidden among vibrant tropical fruit gardens, bustling floating markets that offer a cornucopia of items, and acres of emerald rice fields.

  • Price from: $411 USD

Destinations: Ho Chi Minh icon-16  Cu Chi icon-16 Da Lat icon-16 Can Tho, Cai Rang Market

This private tour brings you to the impressive destinations with unforgettable experiences. Arrive in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) – the largest city of Vietnam. Coming here, you will lose your way in the ghostly battle map of the Cu Chi Tunnels then know more knowledge about Vietnamese histories. Moving to Dalat, you will get the peaceful atmosphere – and feel the wind chimes gently singing in the background and incense wafting from every direction. You also can see flowers everywhere: Roadside wildflowers, flower porch, flower or the gates covered with climbing flowers… And, that sometimes the rains suddenly fall will make you surprise to surprise. Finish in Cai Rang colorful floating market, where has the system of numerous canals and a wide range of fruits and vegetables and the sweet singing of the girls on the Southwest waterfront.

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Price from: $89 USD

This two days trip, just give you a glancing for the local life of Mekong Delta. It is not enough time to see much , because life in the Mekong Delta revolves much around the river, and many of the villages are often accessible by rivers and canals rather than by road. Learn, relax & enjoy to touching on the Amazing Waterway on Mekong magic with Minh Viet home stay.

  • Duration: 5 days
  • Price from: $583 USD

What do you know about Phu Quoc island where was called "pearl island of Vietnam"? Phu Quoc is peaceful and quiet with the historical, the old roof moss, the beautiful landscapes that nature brings to us. The first highlight of Phu Quoc island pearl is pure, wild and beautiful beaches. Moreover, there has fresh water streams and waterfalls are medium height but mighty enough. Beside that, do not forget to visit the most central famous sauce and learn about the process of pearl farming.Furthermore,enjoy delicious fresh seafood in Dinh Cau night market is really awesome. Beside that, this trip you will be overwhelmed indeed with the vast spaces of the Southwest rivers, the lush gardens and luxuriant vegetation along Mekong river. Enjoying The peaceful countryside with vast rice fields characterized of the South.

  • Duration: 13 days
  • Price from: $1,071 USD

The Trip Mekong Explorer you have chance to discover the highlights of Vietnam and have interesting experiences. It is the heroic history of Vietnam nation are printed in the Cu Chi Tunnels or religious culture in Cao Daii holy and scenery in Phu Quoc paradise islands where was called "pearl island of Vietnam". Phu Quoc is peaceful and quiet with the history, the old roof moss, the beautiful landscapes with island pearl is pure, wid and beauriful beaches. Say goodbye to Phu Quoc island neverland and moving to Mekong delta, you are welcome by friendly atmosphere of this land. Especially, boating to Cai Rang colorful floating market, you will take a cruising among local barges full of fruits, vegetables and the sweet singing of the girls on the Southwest waterfront will be attract and gives you great feeling about the land and the people here. In addition, the overall impression of Cambodia is the mysterious: the Mystery of Angkor architecture, the old pagodas and especialy is the mystery of the girls’s eyes and their traditional dances...

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