Because company prosperity depends greatly on its labor force…

As a result, the board of management always makes a way for better compensation and benefits programs. Still, payroll seems to no longer be as attractive as it used to. This has put the chief managers in a dilemma.

Here comes incentive travel as an optimal solution for businessmen. This is a supreme answer for the employee retainment question because:

  • It’s an opportunity to reward and motivate the personnel.
  • It helps promote the spirit of solidarity.
  • It brings comfort to employees so that their work is also conducted more smoothly.
  • It’s a way to shorten the gap between top managers and the front office sector.

Incentive travel is a brilliant idea to reduce the employee turnover, tighten the bond among co-workers and convey the corporation spirit. But, there is a great deal of consideration to initiate a perfect company trip.

Do you see yourself in these problems?

Cost Efficiency

Budget is limited, but the trip can’t be organized superficially? This is really a problem!

Unexpected Incidents

One of your team suddenly had a procedural problem? Or a meal suddenly does not suit the taste of some people? The teambuilding meeting met unfavorable weather? We have encountered many things like this before. So annoying!

Choices Of Activities

The most important purpose of the incentive tour is to convey the message to the attendees. That may be encouragement or more broadly the spreading of corporate spirit. Cliché slogans are meaningless. All should be exaggerated through activities throughout the trip.

Differences In Interest

As mentioned above, incentive travel involves a considerable number of travelers. There comes the problem of diversity. Your personnel may follow different religions, come from different cultures, have different diets. Getting everyone happy with the incentive trip is, therefore, pretty difficult.

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And that’s exactly why we’re here for you!

Travel Sense Asia In The World Of Incentive Travel:

A-Z Service

Traveling with Travel Sense Asia means hassle-free and worry-free travel. We offer customized service from the beginning until the end of the trip to make sure you have a nice and smooth travel.

What We Offer in term of Incentive Travel

  • Prepare Branded Kits
  • Paperwork support: Visa (Free Visa Arrangements in Selected Destinations, Pre-approved Immigration Clearance), International Insurance.
  • Free Internet Service and Mobile Number in all Destinations.
  • Transfer and Pick-up  Arrangements for Attendees.
  • Express Check-in/Check-out Service.
  • Tailor-made tour in destinations from A to Z with:

– Crafted Itinerary.

– Local supplier, tour guide and driver.

– Travel expert support 24/7

  • Media Coverage (Photos, Videos,…).
  • Preparation of Gifts/Souvenirs.
  • Themed Gala Dinners and Cocktail Parties. Special Cultural/Entertainment Shows.
  • Crafted Team Building Exercises with Professional Consultants.

Experienced even in unexpected events.

Throughout our 10 years of operation, we have been organizing numerous incentive trips for companies of all sizes and sectors. Our clients include Samsung, Air Asia, Oriental Group… Most of them had a huge number (up to 2000 pax) of participants for an incentive trip. 97% of them are fully content with our arrangements and willing to refer their friends.

And thanks to the experience we have, we can predict possible incidents that large travel groups usually encounter. Thereby, we plan a list of solutions for those problems so that your company’s incentive travel can run as smooth as possible.

Also base in Vietnam, we are able to provide 24/7 in-country support in the case of an emergency or for those unexpected events.

Identical Travel

Each company has its own culture. Therefore, we always aim at creating distinctive activities for each corporation. Your business culture will not only appear in the company logo embroidered on the materials, but it is also apparent in the trip activities, places of attraction.


With a view to bringing about boundless travel, we have the ability to provide specialized service for niche groups. Depending on your request, TravelSense Asia will help you draft a perfect company trip with mind-blowing experiences.

We commit of the following points:

> Relaxed & fair cancellation policy

> Real value for money

> Money back service guarantee

> No hidden costs

> Full disclosure of information including detailed flight information on the itinerary

> Fairness and equity to customers, staff and suppliers

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Vietnam As A Top-Picked Destination For Incentive Travel

Recently, Vietnam has become a magnet for incentive travel. The country possesses a wide range of advantages to develop that kind of tourism.

Great Location

Nestled on the southeasternmost coast of Indochina Peninsula, Vietnam is within easy reach from all over the world. There are many international airports and seaports across the country, so traveling to and from Vietnam is super convenient. Especially, Ho Chi Minh City, the cosmopolitan city in the South used to be considered the Pearl Of the Orient because it’s the heart of Southeast Asia.

Pleasant Weather

Despite the influence of tropical monsoon, the weather in Vietnam is nice and mild in general. The climate of Vietnam varies seasonally and by region from low to high, from north to south and from east to west. This makes the country an all-year-round destination.

Open Visa Policy

Vietnam allows citizens of ASEAN countries to enter the country without a visa for a different length of stay. Moreover, there are 80 countries all over the world that are eligible for Vietnam e-Visa. Foreigners who enter, exit and reside in Phu Quoc island are exempted from visas for a temporary stay not exceeding 30 days. This is also applicable in case of transiting at an international border of Vietnam (including airports and seaports) and then arriving in Phu Quoc Island.

Various Types Of Accommodation

As a booming country in tourism, Vietnam offers an array of accommodation for incentive travel. Prestigious hotels usually own large conference rooms, party rooms for both internal and external events. Most of the resorts in Vietnam have enormous outdoor space for group activities.

A Large Number Of Attractions

Vietnam is home to 3 World Natural Heritages, 15 World Cultural Heritages and 4 Heritage Sites in Memory of the World Program. All the attractions have been certified by UNESCO and verified by thousands of tourists annually. 

A Myriad Of Travel Types

Thanks to the endowment of Mother Nature, Vietnam tourism is developing in many directions. The country can cover many travel types from the basic such as cultural journey, recreational travel. More sophisticated genre like ecotourism, family retreat are also blooming in Vietnam. 

A Focus On Incentive Travel

The greatest advantage of organizing incentive travel in Vietnam is the government orientation. With an emphasis on large group packages, tour agents in this nation become more and more experience, more and more professional in creating incentive journeys.

If you need a boost for your employees, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about incentive travel. Or you can leave a request on the link below so that our travel expert could reach out to your company.

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