Before every trip, I would find myself standing in the middle of my room wondering what to bring and what not to bring. This could take hours and even after that, I would be missing something or end up carrying a huge luggage.  Here is a list of 10 essential questions I ask myself before […]

Cambodia is a country full of historical attractions. Besides the world-famous Angkor Temple Complex, which marked the prosperity of an ancient dynasty, there are other places to show you a deeper part of the Cambodian. The sites that recall the darkest time in history when all the citizens suffered from vicious political dictatorship. The sites […]

With a total area of around 400 km2, nearly half the area of the island city-state of Singapore, a profound exploration of Angkor temple complex requires a great deal of preparation to lead you to must-see destinations while not wearing you out. Still, don’t get too stressed because our local guides are here to give […]

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