Born in a Western country, I get accustomed to Halloween and Christmas. I used to have no idea of the lunar calendar. Nor have I seen people celebrating the full moon. However, as I started a long journey around Asia, especially Southeast Asia, it opened up a wide range of opportunities to witness unique festivals […]

Vietnam is the country with many beautiful festivals. There are hundreds of special festivals each year such as Tet Holiday, the Mid-Autumn festival and Merry Christmas. In this holiday, the Mid-autumn festival is a traditional celebration for Vietnamese children. Trung Thu is the name of the Vietnamese people call. Therefore, it is a unique cultural […]

There has been this famous phrase about Hanoi originated from Nguyen Tuan’s book: ‘Hanoi – 36 streets and guilds’ – ‘Hanoi, 36 pho phuong’, also known as Old Quarter – the top special historical vestige and sight-seeing of the capital. It locates right in the heart of Hanoi Vietnam, between Long Bien bridge and Hoan […]

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