Thailand, the country of not only magnificent temples, beautiful landscapes, picturesque sandy beaches and friendly smiles, but also unique culture has been becoming attractive tourism destination for tourists from everywhere. Thailand’s culture is deeply under influence of both Buddhism- the official religion recognized State religion of the country and waterborne lifestyle. As understanding through Thailand’s culture, it seem not to be hard to realize highlights hidden under traditional festivals, behaved culture, folklore, architecture or even, transportation culture of Thais.

Folklore in Thai’s culture

Myths, tales, legends, folks…are priceless treasure in Thai’s original literature. Well-known poems of Thai people mentioned as xong chu xon xao (in Thais language: สโงหชอุโสนสาโ)) is really worth listening if you once drop in Thailand. Thai people are keen on singing and dancing; especially, method of chanting poems with accompanying, dancing at the same time becomes special symbol of Thailand that every tourist usually remember to experience when staying here.

Communication culture of Thai people

Being honest, hospitable are characteristics you can easily feel about Thai. However, you are advised to know some customs of local people to express your politeness, respect and friendliness as well to them.

Firstly, to follow Thais traditional greeting is 1st guide for you. Thais people always put gently their palms together in front of chest while bending head down toward hands.

Secondly, Thai people think that deities reside on front door so that it will be offensive if you trample at the door. In this case, the best way is to put off your shoes outside and avoid trampling at the door.

thailand culture

Thirdly, because of being influenced by religion and long-standing cultural life, Thai people abstain from touching on other’s head. Thus, it is wiser for you to remember not to touch children’s heads or people’s shoulders.

Lately, Thais are very friendly and hospitable to welcome tourist, so that, you had better keep respectful as well as courteous attitude to them.

Thailand’s culture characterized by agricultural and Buddhism country, also affected by neighboring cultures has such particular, unique features that visitors are impossible not to be interested in.

thai's culture

Transportation culture in Thailand

Although Thailand’s development based mainly on agriculture, the country bears its modernity, civilization with evidence of quite perfect transportation system.

Thailand’s government encourages people to use car to be safety hence, families mostly have at least a car for traveling. At the rust hour, the roads crowded with vehicles, eight through lanes covered with full of cars, taxis, motorcycles in queue.

In spite of crowded traffics, transportation in Thailand is not chaos anymore, people always obey traffic law. In visiting places as Royal Palace, professional staff will instruct tourists to across road.

In addition, in Thailand, there are systems of subway, sky train to reduce means of transportation loading on the ground. So, how can we explain for this well-organized?

The most suitable reason is considered that 90 percent of population followed Buddhism; people are educated and built themselves as soon as they were children to be gentle, patient and calm. Polite behavior and respect for other people are things we are easy to see in Thais. Truly, deep influences of Thailand’s special, traditional culture make Thais distinguished culture in almost faces of society including transportation.

thailand traffic culture

Traditional cultural festivals of Thailand

Being same as countries in the region, Thailand- the beautiful country also has their occasional festivals, holidays with diversified customs occurred yearly.

Songkran festival or also named water festival is which celebrated from April 13 to 15. It is the biggest and most awaiting festival in year of Thais.

According to custom, the happening time of festival is right at New Year’s Eve.  The word Songkran is derived from Sanskrit and means “Astrological Passage”. On this special occasion, the more times people are splashed water, the more luckiness they will receive in the New Year, as local people’s conception. Just participating in this festival, tourists could experience how animated, friendly and warm-hearted people are, here. And, of course, we will understand why Songkran festival is one of the most fascinating festivals around the world.

Songkran festival thailand culture

Loy Krathong festival holds on the night of the 20th lunar month (usually in November) that is a spectacular show of colors and lights for admiring. Loy Krathong festival is celebrated imposingly with a variety of activities like parades, musical performances, folk games or fireworks, especially; to float lanterns on the rivers or to fly twinkling lanterns into deep sky are unforgettable memories to everyone.

Loy-Krathong-festival thailand culture

Khao Phansa festival is a very big Buddhism festival in Thailand for marking the start of this year’s three-month Buddhist Lent period. As far as we know, more than 90 percent of Thailand’s population followed Buddhism; in fact, Buddhism festival called Khao Phansa is regarded as one of the most important festivals in the country. The festival starts on the first day after the full moon of the eighth lunar month. In festival, Buddhist would not move their temples and local people will worship, pray.

Royal festivals are always known as specific festivals in Thailand because factually, Thailand still remains the regime of constitutional monarchy and the King keeps an important position in Thai’s minds; royal festivals for example, King’s and Queen birthday ceremonies are celebrated solemnly. During the festivals, public places are decorated strikingly, let off fireworks and other formal rites.



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