In recent years, it seems that ordinary types of rewards at work are falling flat. Employees no longer show great interest in gift cards, commission, and free stuff. As chief executives, it’s really demanding to come up with a new idea to motivate the labor force, boosting the company loyalty and driving revenue.

But don’t worry. Incentive travel, as the name suggests, is becoming more and more popular as an effective tool for the board of management.

Incentive tours are a substantial part of MICE (Meeting – Incentive – Conference – Event) travel. It is organized with a view to rewarding company employees or members of an organization.

To put it simply, incentive travel is a company trip, which has a specific purpose (rewarding), as a result, choices of destination, accommodation or activities will be more exclusive.

How Incentive Travel Helps Your Business Grow Sustainably?

Travel is considered one of the most desirable incentive programs. Not only can a getaway boost morale, but is offered as a team incentive, trips can serve business building purposes as well.

Employees Prefer Incentive Travel

In a questionnaire on the survey “The Attractiveness and Effectiveness of Incentive Award Options,” 85 % responded that they got more motivation by vacation travel incentives than cash rewards. The Incentive Federation stated offering an incentive travel opportunity to best performers boost productivity by 18% and generate a 112% ROI (return on investment).

That’s being said, incentive rewards do more than increase the employees’ effort. Incentive travel does really help you and your company to earn more.

It Shows Your Attention To The Personnel

Incentive journeys are often customized for each business. If you own a giant firm, different branches and sectors have their own tailor-made trips too. This kind of company travel is not massive but personalized for the niche target audience. Thus, the attendants can feel they are being taken good care. They will know you, as a boss, pay attention not only to their performance at work but also to their hobbies and interests.

A carefully planned incentive travel arranged by experienced tour agents will keep in mind the smallest details such as special diet, the different religious tendency to craft a perfect arrangement.

It’s A Retreat For Hardworking Employees

Normally, businesses have quite intense working routines. The stress to get things done perfectly, the strain to achieve sales numbers affects quite a lot of employees’ performance. Still, because the competitive market economy doesn’t allow delay, the labor force has to push up their limits to catch up with their boss’ expectations.

Sometimes, it’s difficult for them to take leave, let alone a vacation. That’s when incentive travel steps in and becomes a favorable solution for busy office workers.

Incentive travel programs often take place in attractive destinations, with many beautiful landscapes and high-class services (spa, gym, pool, bar …). Participants of the journey will have the opportunity to visit famous tourist spots, learn about specific cultures, enjoy local products and above all, enjoy top-notch services. And of course, because it’s is their corporation that holds the event, the employees are a bit free from work during the incentive trip. This means they have a chance to relax not only physically but also mentally.

It Promotes Higher Sense Of Solidarity

Incentive tourism is characterized by a relatively large number of participants, usually 50 to 100 pax per trip. SME companies often offer incentive travel for all employees while one or two departments of large corporations will go together in this kind of vacation.

That creates an opportunity to build solidarity and closeness between the top management and the frontline staff, between departments and between different branches.

An indispensable activity during an incentive package is teambuilding. This kind of collective activity brings a great effect on entertainment and relaxation. Moreover, it is about learning how to work in a team, encouraging leadership, the spirit of hard work, creating motivation to overcome all challenges together. avoid difficulties. Incentive travel helps the employees to deeply understand the company culture and the message of the chief managers.

Incentive travel is a really good fit for your team to keep talented factors on the right track of your business and upgrade the business revenue. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about incentive travel. Or you can leave a request on the link below so that our travel expert could reach out to your company.

What Travel Sense Asia Offers in term of Incentive Travel:

  • Prepare Branded Kits
  • Paperwork support: Visa (Free Visa Arrangements in Selected Destinations, Pre-approved Immigration Clearance), International Insurance.
  • Free Internet Service and Mobile Number in all Destinations.
  • Transfer and Pick-up  Arrangements for Attendees.
  • Express Check-in/Check-out Service.
  • Tailor-made tour in destinations from A to Z with:

– Crafted Itinerary.

– Local supplier, tour guide and driver.

– Travel expert support 24/7

  • Media Coverage (Photos, Videos,…).
  • Preparation of Gifts/Souvenirs.
  • Themed Gala Dinners and Cocktail Parties. Special Cultural/Entertainment Shows.
  • Crafted Team Building Exercises with Professional Consultants.

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