Incentive travel is a powerful tool to drive your company’s revenue, lower the turnover rate and tighten the bond among employees. However, as the decision-makers, the board of management and the HR executives come up with a myriad of issues before a successful incentive tour is triggered.

Balancing Between Cost And Effect

The very first thing when it comes to tour packages for large groups is the cost-efficiency. The ultimate purpose of incentive travel is to fuel better performance at work, not to use up all the company’s annual profit. As a result, the HR managers are required to find a balance between the cost and effect of the incentive journey.

Still, you can’t opt for massive tour operators which provide cookie-cutter packages. That kind of holiday won’t work for the company image as well as satisfy the hardworking employees. On the other hand, top-notch services with exclusive and exotic experiences aren’t really an ideal choice for company trips due to the high expenses.

The optimal incentive travel program should be rewarding as well as motivating within the corporations’ budget.

Here is the advice:

If you are planning for your company’s incentive holiday, first and foremost, you should fill up as detailed as possible the following field:

  • How much the company is ready to pay:
  • How many employees will be joining the trip
  • The characteristics of the participants (their position, their responsibilities, their accomplishments…)

Then, a reliable tour agent may help you draft the incentive journey. You should book via a third party because the paperwork for the company trip is tremendous. If you are going to travel abroad, the visa application will be quicker and simpler when using an experienced service. Moreover, as they have worked in this business for so long, they can reduce the cost to a great extent. This helps you cut down a lot on the expenses.

Satisfying Different Audience

If incentive travel you intend to organize with the aim of raising the company value, rewarding the employees and promoting work performance, your personnel and maybe the accompanied guests are the most important audience that you need to consider when planning the trip. Once you know the target audience that the journey is aimed at, you can outline a specific plan for the places, times, activities,…

An incentive travel program usually involved an extensive selection of workers, thus, a wide variety of interests and preferences. Diversity is great at work. But in entertainment, it may cause conflicts. So, the tour planners must be very sensitive and attentive to the special needs of their personnel.

Here is the advice:

A successful event is only when the majority of guests are satisfied with what you prepare. Thereby, they will engage in the flow of the trip.

First of all, you need to understand what kind of people they are, what their personalities are, what their eating habits are, what they need and what they require of your incentive travel. In a nutshell, from an employee perspective, the requirements of the event organizer are immense, deciding the success of an event.

The thing is, how can the decision-makers obtain that perspective?

It’s never a good idea to do a survey and ask your people what they would like every single time you plan an incentive program. However, based on past experience, a travel agent in incentive packages can work things out. Your business can be distinctive, but employees at the same level usually think alike. That’s why tour companies are thriving on company trips.

Arranging Activities For The Trip

The choice of activities during an incentive tour determines the direction of the entire preparation plan. If the success of an incentive program is considered a house, then the to-do list is the foundation.

It defines the theme of the tour. Whether it is a relaxing beach stay or a little adventure while camping in a highland destination, your choice of activities imposes a huge influence on that decision.

It all comes down to the main idea of the incentive travel. However, to find new and unique ideas while still ensuring to convey the company message is not easy. In fact, not all HR managers have time for that.

Here is the advice:

If you don’t have any idea for the company trip, the best way is to have a travel expert customize a tour arrangement for your corporation. They are professionals in the field, so it won’t take very long to get a satisfying draft of your incentive travel program.

If you already have something in your mind, it’s still very beneficial to consult a tour agent. Their experience can help develop your idea and add a competitive edge to your plan.

Other Emergent Issues During the Trip

There is a number of troubles that can pop up during your incentive trip. Incidents like packed accommodation, non-hygienic food, inadequate transportation happen pretty often. You may have a list of possible problems, but how to deal with it while still traveling is another issue.

Here is the advice:

Before booking anything, remember to double check the quality, reviews, feedbacks… It’s better off working with companies that have organized tours for famous firms and corporations. It helps to prevent the troubles to arise.

A trustworthy tour operator also has 24/7 customer service so that in case of any problem arising, they can be their to support you. If they have headquarter in your destination, that can’t be more wonderful. A local travel company usually know the country better, so the problem-solving process is done more quickly.

Christmas is coming to town and New Year will soon be approaching. This is the best time to organize an incentive travel program, giving your human resources a big boost at the begining of the new year.

Traveling with TravelSenseAsia means hassle-free and worry-free travel. We offer customized service from the beginning until the end of the trip to make sure you have a nice and smooth travel. Thanks to the 10-year experience we have, we can predict possible incidents that large travel groups usually encounter, and plan a list of solutions for those problems. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about incentive travel. Or you can leave a request on the link below so that our travel expert could reach out to your company!

What Travel Sense Asia Offers in term of Incentive Travel:

  • Prepare Branded Kits
  • Paperwork support: Visa (Free Visa Arrangements in Selected Destinations, Pre-approved Immigration Clearance), International Insurance.
  • Free Internet Service and Mobile Number in all Destinations.
  • Transfer and Pick-up  Arrangements for Attendees.
  • Express Check-in/Check-out Service.
  • Tailor-made tour in destinations from A to Z with:

– Crafted Itinerary.

– Local supplier, tour guide and driver.

– Travel expert support 24/7

  • Media Coverage (Photos, Videos,…).
  • Preparation of Gifts/Souvenirs.
  • Themed Gala Dinners and Cocktail Parties. Special Cultural/Entertainment Shows.
  • Crafted Team Building Exercises with Professional Consultants.

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