It’s sad but true that a large proportion of visitors only think about Vietnamese summer as a period of the searing heat and incessant downpour. Even though they haven’t spent a single day in this tropical region throughout the hottest months, they are ready to give it a thumb down, staying far away from holidays during the assumingly scorching summer.

Do you see yourself among these popular beliefs?

If so, it is pretty sure that you are misconceiving almost everything about the hot season in this stunning country.

Keep scrolling down to explore the ultimate reality about Vietnamese summer and understand why you shouldn’t miss a journey to Vietnam right now!

The Hottest Season Ain’t That Bad

You heard that it would be incredibly hot with the highest temperature up to more than 40 degrees?

Yes, summer is, of course, the most extreme season and Vietnamese summer can reach that peak.

But it’s not always like this.

There’re still windy and cloudy days in which the sun is not too harsh and outdoor activities are fantastic. Moreover, if you keep in mind our top recommended tips to beat the heat, you can fully enjoy your time during the hottest period in Vietnam.

If this lady can beat the heat, so can you!

If this lady can beat the heat, so can you!

You thought that the heavy rain would ruin your trip and force you stay at the hotel all the time?

The truth is summer shower in Vietnam is super quick. It rarely lasts for days. A sudden downpour is actually an excellent way to reduce the temperature, adding a fresh and gentle breeze to ease the bitter heat.

Is it in your perspective that summer is the stormy season and storms mean danger?

Vietnam possesses tropical monsoon weather with quite separate seasons and the monsoon winds are the main cause of storms in this country. However, the most active season of monsoon begins in November and extends to April next year. It is not in the summer at all.

Furthermore, since Vietnam stretches through an extensive range of latitude, climate among the three regions differs greatly. If the South is predicted to have an upcoming storm, let’s go to the North or the Central.

Check out our detailed article about storm season in Vietnam.

The One And Only Heaven Of Tropical Fruits

Brilliant sunshine together with abundant rain has endowed this country with a wide variety of tropical fruits. These special offerings of summer not only broaden your understanding about the natural diversity but at the same time, make your mouth watering for the taste of the fresh, juicy and colorful fruits.

It’s lychee, the sweet flesh covered in a rough, pink-red texture. It’s jackfruit with a distinctive aroma said to be a fusion of banana and pineapple. It’s the tangy and a little fibrous taste of mangosteen filled with fluid vesicles… And plenty of other exotic fruits only grown in the high-temperature season.


Do you want to give it a try?

Ultimate Beauty Of Beaches

A summer holiday will never be complete without a beach stay. That’s why Vietnam is among top-picked destinations for the hot season.

The crystal, sapphire ocean encompassing a coastline of 3000 km creates dozens of gorgeous beaches. Just a look at the turquoise sea will erase your tension, renew your focus, and refresh your loaded mind.

Thankfully, these magnificent destinations range from the North to the South. Halong is the most widely-known beach in Northern Vietnam while the Central has various options such as Danang, Nha Trang, Quy Nhon for both dynamic stops and idyllic seas.

If you don’t know where to spend your summer, we have compiled a list of Best Vietnamese Beaches. Check it out to find the most ideal choice besides checking the weather forecast.

More Importantly: Benefits From Traveling Off Season

According to many surveys by the National Tourism Committee, there is a significant drop in the number of foreigners heading for Vietnam from April to September. As a result, tourist attractions become much less crowded and you will be able to treasure a leisurely trip with exclusive experiences in tranquil areas.

Plus, in order to boost tourism during the summer, a lot of tour operators offer great discounts for their luxurious packages. Local businesses don’t raise their price as in the peak season, which also helps you save a good deal of money.


So, why not take advantage of the low season?

Is that all? Not yet!

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To Sum Up

It’s reasonable to afraid of traveling to Vietnam during the hot period, but there are more reasons for a summer vacation in this beautiful nation. It would be the biggest mistake of a wanderlust soul to cross out Vietnam from bucket list for summer.

Let give it an opportunity, get yourself a chance to correct the fallacies!


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