Son Tra peninsula has long been well known for its unique feature of natural fauna and flora system and diversified marine life which attract many tourists all over the world to come. Son Tra peninsula is compared as a raw jewel which has not yet to be grinded to become a shining star in the East Sea – a potential tourism area in the near future.

How to go?
Son Tra peninsula is 10 kilometers away from the center of Danang city to the Northeast. To go to Son Tra, you can travel along Nguyen Tat Thanh Street – a beautiful seacoast street, then passing Thuan Phuoc Bridge to come to the peninsula. It is the biggest suspension bridge in Vietnam as well as the most beautiful bridge which connect the two banks of Han River. Also, you can come to Son Tra peninsula by passing through Nguyen Van Troi Bridge, Tuyen Son Bridge, Han Bridge. Or else, you can travel by boat along Han River to go to Danang bay; only after a while can you see the green environment in Son Tra peninsula – a silent and charming place which is contrast with the bustle àn noisy picture in Danang city, Vietnam.
Nowadays, more and more routes are being completed to help tourists easier to come to the peninsula as well as more and more facilities on the peninsula are invested and coming to finishing period.

Son Tra peninsula overview

Son Tra peninsula overview

What to see?
It is not without reason why Son Tra is chosen as the ideal destination in Danang; it is because there is nowhere has such a beautiful scene which is the harmonious combination between sea and mountain as Son Tra. Indeed, you can see many mighty mountains standstill along the seacoast covering a large ecosystem area. The mighty mountains seem to embrace the sea which makes you feel a huge space ahead when you are standing on the top of the mountains. The more you feel the magnificence of the sea and the sky, the smaller you may feel yourself is. Covering the mighty mountains are the green and large forests which contain a big world inside. It is the world of the animals and plants which is not less bustle as our world. Thanks to the green of the forest and enormous space of sky and sea, all the tiredness and stresses seem to be released when you come here; the typical hot and dry climate of the seacoast area also disappears with the cooling sea air and the mild green of the forest.
Son Tra is a must-to-go place in Danang city as it is the most well-known place for relaxing and entertaining. Each year, Son Tra attracts thousands of tourists to visit its beautiful sites like Linh Ung pagoda, Dong Dinh culture and art museum, Fairy Chessboard Mount, Sightseeing Hill … besides, many resorts and high-quality hotels are also charm visitors to go here.

Resort Son Tra peninsula


There is nothing greater than spend one day in Son Tra peninsula to relax and sense a strange thing. It is the peaceful atmosphere and magnificent scenery. Only by spending one day in Son Tra can you feel the real relaxation in the life. It is the feeling when you standing on the top of the mountain looking forward the sea and the sky, closing your eyes and sense the cool sea air penetrating into your soul. Awesome!

Son Tra has not yet to complete its grinding process to become a perfect shining jewel on the sea. However, no one can deny its tourism charming. In the near future, Son Tra is expected to be the resort paradise in the East Sea as well as in Danang province.


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