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In Vietnam and Cambodia, Tet is a sacred festival that welcomes the arrival of spring based on the lunar calendar. In the history, Tet provided a long break for people during the agricultural year, which was held between the harvesting of the crops and the sowing of the next ones. In Vietnam, the Lunar New Year called Tet, is celebrated on the beginning of February and Cambodia celebrates their New Year April 13th – 15th. You completely spend 6 days joining the best Vietnam Cambodia holiday packages in Lunar New Year to live in Tet holiday.

Ho Chi Minh City  one of the attractive destinations in the best Vietnam Cambodia holiday packages

Spending two days and one night visiting Ho Chi Minh City, you will enjoy the Tet atmosphere. One suggestion for you is visiting Saigon two days and one night before New Year’s Eva to grace preparation for Tet of local people. Travelling to Ho Chi Minh City is one of the most attractive in Vietnam tour holidays in the last of January. On the day before the New Year’s Eve, Vietnamese people clean their houses to make sure everything look polished and new at the beginning of a new year. Almost households come to the market and the shopping center to buy something which they need for the Tet holiday.

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You should visit one of the most famous history museums is the War Remnants Museum is an intellectual yet remarkable trip which you have totally transformed your ordinary visit to Ho Chi Minh City. The War Remnants Museum is situated in 28 Vo Van Tan St, District 3 nearly the Independence Palace. The museum was launched in September 1975 by the government. The War Remnants Museum is focusing on the exhibits relating to the American phase, which is the house displaying War Crimes of American Imperialism.

The second place you could go to in the afternoon is Suoi Tien or Dam Sen theme park. These entertainment centers are constructed toward the most modern to attract more international guests in Ho Chi Minh City. It ensures that you can easily take up your whole half of day by walking around the park. Especially, in Tet holiday, they are decorated colorful and organized more traditional activities than daily.

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In the evening, many visitors, mostly young, go the night flower market in Tao Dan Park (District 1) to enjoy the Tet atmosphere through the cheerful colors of flowers. Are where many flowers for sale, the most beautiful and fresh peach blossom branches and trees from the numerous flower villages around Hanoi. In addition to the peach flower, chrysanthemum, gladiolus, dahlia, violet, narcissus, etc, the market also has many import flower types of orchid, tulip, etc. You should prepare is their electronic devices like phones, cameras and video recorders. These devices are necessary for you to capture the memorable moments of Tet.

On the second day, it would be a pity if you are visiting Nguyen Hue Street flower with many beautiful views and lovely flowers but you cannot take pictures because your camera’s battery is low. To observe the view of the life in Ho Chi Minh City, you should walk by foot around the walking streets. The next place is Ben Thanh market which is one of the best tourist attractions in Saigon. To prepare for Tet holiday, households come to this market to buy something such as clothes, furniture, foods, candies, decorations and so on. Besides, you are shopping for the souvenirs to bring back home; you can enjoy the tons of foods in Ben Thanh market.

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Ending one of the best Vietnam Cambodia holiday packages in the late afternoon, you will move to Mekong delta by the useful transportation to lack of traffic jam.  If you need to go somewhere far away from the city by bus or planes, you need to book the ticket in advance. The ticket should be booked many days before your departure, if possible, even months.

Mekong delta – the ideal place of  Vietnamese culture during the best Vietnam Cambodia holiday packages

Tet holiday in Vietnam lasts three-day with every effort to indulge in eating, drinking, enjoying friends and family, and paying homage to ancestors by incense. The Vietnamese believe what they do on the dawn of Tet will determine their fate for the whole year so they often smile and behave as nicely as possible in hope for a better year. Therefore, we suggest you should choose one suitable homestay in Mekong delta to close the life of local host in Lunar New Year. And you also hire the motorbike to be convenient for moving.

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There are many traditional foods which you can’t be missed like Chung cake (Banh Chung) Pickled onions (Hanh Nen), Frozen meat (Thit Dong), Dried bamboo (Canh Mang Kho), Red Sticky Rice (Xoi Gac) Vietnamese Sausage (Gio Cha) and so on. The highlight of the tour is a visit to a local family, in which tourists can practice making Tet Cake (Banh Tet) is the most important dish in Tet holiday of Southern residents with the help from the family members, and enjoys the traditional feast in a cozy family atmosphere.

On the Lunar New Year’s Eva, firework is also fired in Hoa Su restaurant to welcome New Year and all people gather to admire firework display together.

On the first day, you may be joined the activities of local host such as enjoy the breakfast, send the wishes to others, take photograph and go to the pagoda. Located in a beautiful site of Ninh Kieu, in front of the Can Tho River, Ong Pagoda is one of the most important religious sites of Chinese community in Can Tho. It is built in the late 19th century to worship Kuang Kung who is a deity symbolizing loyalty, justice, reason, intelligence, honor and courage among other merits. Therefore, Ong Pagoda is an architectural works retaining high values of culture and history intact preserved and respectfully preserved by the locals. Actually, in the recent years, this pagoda is also the venue attracting numerous domestic and foreign tourists to visit. Ong Pagoda deserves the spiritual tourist site in Can Tho, so it promotes more travelers to visit Can Tho.

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On the second day and third day, you should go to Chau Doc in An Giang province by bus, where is close to the river border of Vietnam and Cambodia. The main attraction in Chau Doc is the Sam Mountain, which is about seven kilometers north of town. The mountain is not really high, it just seems that way because of the plains of Mekong. The most religiously significant places are the Ba Chua Xu Temple and Tra Su Bird Sanctuary. The other destination is Tuc Dup Hill which is the U.S. forces failed to stop the small-scale insurgencies in the delta. The hill was guarded and dominated by the Viet Cong during the U.S. assault, which lasted for four months.

Finding other culture in Cambodia in the best Vietnam Cambodia holiday packages

High recommendation for you is spending three days visiting Cambodia

On the first day, Phnom Penh is the vibrant bustling capital of Cambodia which is the first destination you should come to. Phnom Penh is a center of culture, especially, it is constructed with a chilled riverfront, bars and restaurants and a bustling night market. Visiting the center market during the day where you can buy local cuisine from creamy coconut curries to fried maggots and even tarantulas (apparently good for medicine). Therefore, you will be convenient for all utilities in there. In Phnom Penh, there are three destinations such as the infamous Tuol Sleng Museum, the National Museum and the Royal Palace all within walking distance. Don’t worry about the food because many restaurants are located on everywhere to get the satisfaction of traveler. Otherwise, you can even fire an AK47 at the local shooting range or take a cruise along the mighty Mekong from the Royal Palace.

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On the second day and third day, you have a plan discover Siem Reap. The traditional food which you can’t be missed is Trang Bang noodle (Banh canh Trang Bang). You should have experience in moving by Tuk Tuk because it is very interesting. Angkor Wat is officially the largest religious structure in the world, and one cannot help but absorb its spiritual flare upon gazing at its beauty. Next, Bayon temple is at the heart of Angkor Thom. This temple has many traditional elements of Buddhist temples, but the integration of elements of Hindu cosmology into its ornamental carvings sets it apart.

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In the evening, the most attractive place for foreigners is Angkor night market. Walking around Night Markets is a time to relax after a day tourists exhausted to visit temples in Angkor Wat Siem Reap, Cambodia. You can experience foot massage service at the fish spa to relieve and make your best spirit. On the other hand, you also can choose products made from recycles materials like bags, wallets, purses and pouches as gifts to present relatives when coming back.

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The next destination is The West Baray Lake, which is Cambodia’s largest Baray, formerly used as a water reservoir during the Angkor period. Phnom Kulen National Park is the ideal day out for anyone who is looking to explore the wildlife of Cambodia. It is situated roughly 45 kilometers from Siem Reap, so it offers a refreshing change of scenery.

Spending 6 days and 5 nights you can have the best Vietnam Cambodia holiday packages in Lunar New Year. We hope that the above information will be useful for you have an experience trip in both of two neighboring countries.


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