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It is true that there are many famous and glorious Vietnam beach towns from the North to the South. The reputation of these towns has flown out of Vietnam horizons and is being more and more world-known. In this article, readers can act as travelers to venturing through top 5 Vietnam beach towns with beautiful and pristine beaches.

Mui Ne

With 10 kilometers of beach, Mui Ne is a tropical paradise with the widest and sandiest beach. Besides the sandy and clean beach, Mui Ne also has some local countryside and many interesting places as Phan Thiet town, fishing villages, the red or white sand hills, or Cham monuments.

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Mui Ne is heaven for kite-surfing lovers from December to April. However, the perfect time for kite-surfing is February and March. Many skill kite boarders reach here in those months and bring with thousands of kites, they change the blue sky of Mui Ne into more colorful and lively one. For those love to have real experiences with the life of the local people, the fishing village is a perfect choice. Getting early up in the morning to watch the fish to be loaded off, stored and sold will make the beach holiday Vietnam more memorable. The services available here is a variety from the 4-star establishment to guesthouses.

Nha Trang

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Nha Trang is always considered as the most famous seaside resort towns with many top’s beaches and dive sites. The picturesque mountain together with the crescent-shaped beach creates the pretty view for the town. Reaching Nha Trang is certainly an exotic hide from the bustling city by its peacefulness from the scenic gardens, the dazzling white sand and the blue from the clear water and the vast high sky. Besides the attractive sands, Nha Trang also owns the shoreline with promenade, sculpture gardens with lines of prune tree, which is thought as an alternative idea for a romantic long roaming. Diving, snorkeling, and diving are three most popular activities attracting millions of foreign travelers every year. Tourists also can enjoy a pleasant and surprise free dip because the water offshore is very clean; however being careful of the ocean risks is important. As being one of the most well-known Vietnam beach towns, Nha Trang has many prime beaches as “Bãi Dài”, “Bãi Hòn Chồng” or “Bãi Dương”. Moreover, there are many amazing hotels as well as guesthouses enhancing the role of Nha Trang as a tropical paradise for all people.

Tuy Hoa

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120km far from Nha Trang, Tuy Hoa is a peaceful and beautiful beach. With the long and spectacular coastline, Tuy Hoa is much adored by the foreign tourists with the extraordinary pristine beaches. My A beach is said to be the picturesque shoreline with the white sand and coconut palms. On the other hand, to the south of the City, Dai Lanh beach has the beauty enchanting people. Unlike other famous Vietnam beach towns, Tuy Hoa doesn’t have many accommodation choices, restaurants and infrastructures. However, tourists visiting this town can be excited with the seafood specialties and in particular the tuna dishes. Furthermore, shell and crab specialties are available in BBQ party.

Phan Rang

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Phan Rang – the land of the Champa culture is a perfect option for those looking for the deserted beaches as well as the peacefulness. Vinh Hy, Ca Na or Ninh Chu is the popular names of beaches worthy to come. From February to September, the travelers can surf the kites with the strong winds onshore. Phan Rang is famous for not only their good-looking beaches but also the magnificent architecture and the history of Cham ethnic minority fascinating people. In details, the most iconic symbol of Cham people is Cham towers especially Poklong Garai Temples and Porome Temples.

Con Dao

Con Dao is the final names of top 5 Vietnam beach towns. Con Dao is isolated with the mainland but always attracting travelers by its striking natural beauty and the marine ecosystems.

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Con Dao enables tourists to do more rather than a holiday with trekking or camping on beaches. Visitors can try hatching turtles from March to August or study the history of this lonely towns. Con Dao was once thought of the real hell on earth with thousands of political prisoners during the war against French rule and the American-backed regime. There are many national heroes being captured here, the remnants of the war and the prisoners are still available in Con Dao museum.

Above are 5 best Vietnam beach towns. All of them are worth to be the most attractive and prime beaches of not only Vietnamese people but also the human beings by its wilderness and unspoiled beauty. Give it a try and you can explore the hidden trails!



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