Lunar New Year is the biggest traditional festival, the oldest, has the widest popular range in Vietnam. This Festival has bold deep ethnic culture and unique. The meaning of Lunar New Year is the Family Festival. It’s the time for every ones come back home to reunion in the family during 3 days of New year. Especially, if you have chance to come to Vietnam in the Lunar new year, you will be impressed with the Vietnamese traditional dishes.

traditional food vietnam

Chung cake: this is the only cakes in Vietnam food culture since long time ago. This cake is symbolize the ground that is expressed gratitude to the ancestors and the earth, sky. Hence, this is the special traditional cake that is nobody should not miss when come to Vietnam in the Lunar new year.

Chung cake

Lean Pork paste: Gio lua is an unique food only in Vietnam. There is another name for it the South: Cha Lua. The foreigners who have chance to taste it would be very delighted to this type of food.

Lean Pork paste

Sticky Rice: Vietnam is a country agriculture, so the traditional dishes are started from rice. Sticky Rice is one of the indispensable  dish in the tray of rice ancestors on Tet. During the Tet holidays, people preferred to use Gac sticky rice that brings all the lucky for new year.

Sticky Rice

Sticky Rice

Boiled chicken

Boiled chicken

Spring rolls

spring rolls

So, Vietnam’s traditional foods in Lunar new year is  the quintessential Vietnamese cuisine. Enjoy all of dishes one time and join in our biggest Festival is the best experience you have in Vietnam. Let’s come and try it.


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