Welcome to Indochina, a great region with fascination history, culture and long history that has been to the world wide traveler’s bucket list since centuries ago. Cambodia and Vietnam are neighbours so you can combine the destinations in these as its convenient. Spending one week on the trip, you get the best Cambodia package tour from Vietnam.  Starting from the Southern of Vietnam, you will discover the country’s bustling city, the historical places and the local people in the river . This tour is an unique opportunity to experience the natural beauty and traditional lifestyle found throughout the Mekong Delta… The tour is flexible can start in Ho Chi Minh city (Vietnam) and end in Siem Reap (Cambodia) or vice versa.

Crucial highlights of the trip

  • Feeling the atmosphere of a dynamic blend of old and new, east and west, commerce and culture in  Ho Chi Minh City
  • Approaching the life of local people who live in the river and the floating market
  • Experiencing the particular transportations in both of Vietnam and Cambodia including motorbike, boat, and tuk-tuk
  • Living out your travel dreams exploring the famous ruins of Angkor Wat and surrounding temples
  • Trying the tastes of traditional foods almost destinations in the journey

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Arrival in Ho Chi Minh city

Starting the trip with Ho Chi Minh City in one day, you will have the awesome feeling in the bustling city. There are many places constructed following the old architecture such as Saigon Opera, Duc Ba church, and General Post Office. These destinations always attract almost of foreigners by the special French style. You will spend a full day discovering the most attractive sites in Ho Chi Minh, which will help you to learn about the history and also the culture of this land.

Notre Dame Cathedral is considered the symbol of this dynamic city, is located in the downtown of Ho Chi Minh and reaches a height of up to 60 meters. Duc Ba church is a famous age-long cathedral in Southern Vietnam. Following the French structure, it is a wonderful building situated in the Paris Square in Saigon downtown. Next, the Central Post Office is one of the oldest buildings in Saigon, which has long been the busiest post office in Vietnam. The Post Office is also one of Ho Chi Minh tourist attractions by it offers all types of the postal services such as selling postcards, stamps with cheaper prices and mailing. Especially, foreigners completely use the money exchange service in there.

Coming to this city, one suggestion for you is to visit Reunification Palace, War Remnants Museum, and Saigon Post Office in order to learn about Saigon’s fascinating combination of colonial, postcolonial and post-Vietnam War history through its architecture. Independence Palace and War Remnants Museum are two historical places accumulated of symbols in the war for veterans. Independence Palace was built for a long time but it has just changed since 1975 the name like that when the big event happens the successive South Vietnamese president. In the construction, the Independence Palace includes tunnels, telecommunications center, and a war room. The war command room will be set up maps on its walls and equipment. And the War Remnants Museum is well-known as the exhibition relating to the American phase, which is the house for Displaying War Crimes of American Imperialism.


Transferring to Can Tho

In the morning, the driver will pick up you at your hotel and move to Ben Tre. The most famous transportation in here is a small boat, so you can use the one to start your sightseeing around the waterways of Mekong Delta. You should come to the island with lush tropical gardens to know the history of the regions and steers.

Next, the tour can visit the brick factory and board a small boat and meander through the canals and waterways. The stopping place is a small homemade coconut to see how coconuts have been produced, and woven mats that are later sold in the market. From there, you should come to a bee farm where you have a chance to taste a tasteful cup of authentic honey tea. This is special food in here. At this time, you also walk around quiet villages and watch the life of rural people in Mekong Delta. It is a chance to learn that those people can amazingly make dozens of useful products out of coconut trees. After that, you can participate in a demonstration of Vietnamese cooking as you enjoy a three-course lunch of Mekong specialties! Coming to the traditional handicraft villages and tropical fruits gardens, you can enjoy the typical folk music in Southern Vietnam.


Discovering Cai Rang floating market

Cai Rang Floating Market is open all day but it is crowded from sunrise to about 9:00 a.m. One of the most attractive destinations in Cambodia package tour is Cai Rang floating market, you admire the selling activities in the past by using a traditional “offering pole” for exchanging consumer goods. The vendors can exchange the goods. For example, they usually change the fruit to rice or daily tools. Especially, you can buy particular items such as fruit, daily tools, traditional foods,…It is believed that the price of these is quite cheap. After that, one recommendation for you is walking around the village and meet the friendly local people and experience how to pass a “Monkey bridge” which is built by only one stem of bamboo. Then you proceed to Chau Doc, continue the tour to visit Tra Su. Let’s take a small boat to approach the wild birds Sanctuary to discover the arrays of splendid canals deep into the forest and watch storks, cranes and other tropical birds.

Passing Chau Doc and catching up Phnom Penh

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Vietnam and Cambodia are two near neighbors so it is easy to transfer between. Phnom Penh includes the fascinating Royal Palace, the Silver Pagoda, and the National Museum. You can climb the hill to Wat Phnom, the city’s main temple. Let’s experience with a Tuk Tuk for 20$ for the entire day, you will get a strange feeling. Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom is an unforgettable place, you will open your eyes to beautiful sights, heartbreaking history and limitless warmth, kindness, and hospitality. Next, Silver Pagoda is located in the southern portion of the Royal Palace complex, Wat Preah Keo Morakot. The pagoda was formerly known as Wat Ubosot Rotannaram. Why? One of the most reasons is this pagoda is where the King worshiped, prayed and practiced every Buddhist Silas Day. The National Museum of Arts is the country’s largest archeological and cultural history museum. It helps you to have a sight on the cultural side of Cambodian history dating back to the 4th century.

Moving to Siem Reap

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Siem Reap is an ideal base to explore Cambodia’s Angkor Temple complex. One of another place in Vietnam and Cambodia itinerary is Angkor Thom, the last capital of the Khmer Empire. It is known as the gods of the good and evil line the entrance. The temple of Ta Prohm was once used as a location to film the famous Hollywood film, Tomb Raider. Angkor Thom is famous for 54 towers decorated with over 200 smiling faces of Avalokitesvara, the Phimeanakas, the Terrace of the Leper King, the Royal Enclosure, and the Elephants Terrace. Begin tour to the antique capital of Angkor Thom, start from the South Gate with its huge statues depicting the churning of the ocean of milk, the Bayon Temple.

Another destination which you must visit when joining the Cambodia package tour is Angkor Wat. Coming here, you admire many temples near the modern city of Siem Reap so the way is convenient. For distance, these temples include Angkor Thom, Bayon Temples and Ta Prohm, Phimeanakas, and the Terrace of Elephants. Especially, one of the famous temples is Ta Prohm which is instantly recognizable which was a key setting in the hit movie, Tomb Raider, chosen for its exotic. Additionally, the temple structure is quite smaller than others, but its detailed carvings, which depict famous Hindu tales. Enjoy a guided tour around this huge structure and learn about the glories of the Kingdom of Angkor before returning to the hotel for a late breakfast and a rest. Continue sightseeing this afternoon with a visit to the temple of Banteay Srei or ‘Citadel of the Women’.

Visiting Tonle Sap lake

Cambodia package tour

Tonle Sap Lake is the largest freshwater in South East Asia. The Lake is becoming importantly by its commercial resource, providing more than half of the fish consumed in Cambodia. Board a boat and spend the rest of the morning at one of the largest floating villages on the lake which is called Kompong Phluk. In the village you will witness the fascinating daily lives of the local people who live on the water. The men fishers are lived on the floating villages, mobile-houses. The famous floating village at the edge of the lake is Chong Khneas. Spending two hours delivering by the boat through the floating village and you will explore several ethnic groups like Khmer, Muslim and Vietnamese floating households, the floating markets, fisheries, schools and other boatloads. In there, you will enjoy stunning foods such as fresh fruits, sticky rice, and consist of a soup, a salad, a fish dish, vegetables.

Finishing Cambodia package tour from Vietnam, you will get experience in these incredible countries in Indochina particularly Vietnam and Cambodia, where own the highlights the natural beauty and the uniquely fascinating cultures. Let’s talk to Travel Sense Asia your troubles, we are willing to advise some tips for travelers.


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